Friday, August 27, 2010


I am staying very busy preparing products for the Indie Craft Parade that is now only two weeks away. I have been doing a lot of dyeing as well as a lot of spinning. We have appreciated the afternoon showers we've had off and on the past two weeks but they also slow my drying process.
The dogs continue to have a big time. Although each has its own special pasture or place to be, we like to let them all play together at least once a day so that they can still get along should anyone need to be moved. So far it is working well. Sadie, of course, would do a little better if she were not just three months old but her size doesn't seem to bother her, she jumps right in with the big ones.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sadie Growing

Sadie is almost 3 months old now. She's established her routine of following me to the back every time I gather eggs. I don't let her into the chicken yard as it startles the birds so she amuses herself with the other dogs. I've even managed to let Sadie, Ravi, Regina & Allez eat together which is rather a feat in an enclosed space. Sadie has discovered, though, that she's almost outgrown the little hole where she slips into the old barn.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another Week Flies By

I am teaching fiber arts this week at the Anderson Arts Center. It is a lot of fun but time-consuming. I have 17 students for a four hour stretch of weaving & felting. We started the week prepping our own materials by dyeing & carding lots of wool. The students have really enjoyed the weaving & asked if we could weave again today! We'll work some weaving time in once again but I also have to teach them their needle felting.

I am keeping up with the eggs and other farm chores but have not been good about the blog this week.