Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Just a little different...

As I walked into one of the small buildings that holds a set of nesting boxes, I spied this.

The hen is tucked into an overturned part of a galvanized feeder. There has been such an abundance of grass & other interesting growth this season that we've had to use very little supplemental feed. This feeder was simply up against the wall in the shed waiting for winter when it will be needed again.  Obviously, the galvanized "home" reminded this hen of the nice silver walls of the nesting boxes so she was just compelled to lay an egg.
She was content so I imagine that is all that counts.  And I could collect her egg without having to risk a peck on the hand as I reached for it.
We have more than enough nesting boxes but we're also just fine with a gal expressing her individuality now & again!