Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Catching Up

Market has been amazing so I'm staying busy with spinning new yarns & dyeing. I'll need to do some more felting before the week is out but that doesn't take as long as spinning so I'll squeeze it in on Friday.

Yesterday we took the two largest pigs up to the processor. Once they were out of their pasture, I let the sheep into the pasture adjoining theirs to clean up some of the long grass. We had kept the ewes and their lambs very well separated from the pigs who can be vicious carnivores. Once the potential danger was gone, I let them into the grass that had been growing beautifully for these past few weeks. This year's rain has been a real blessing! I waited until midmorning when the sheep had already grazed a bit so that none would become sick from gorging themselves on fresh grass. They were thrilled with the new greens in their diet.

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