Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Teeny Weeny

This little fellow is still just going by the name Teeny Weeny. He was born as one of the tiniest little goats we've ever seen and has been rather fragile since his birth even though he has had a very loving mother. Just a week ago he began to stumble and look pitiful. Since he's already weaned we took him into the stable and have been hand feeding him and fussing over him. A little shot of selenium got him up again but he is less than 100%. He isn't giving up, though, so we aren't either. For now he's enjoying keeping me company when I groom the rabbits or do a little dyeing or fleece sorting. He's become quite the nosy little man. But we've debated whether or not to give him a "real" name for fear that may just be the end of him.

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