Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two old ladies napping...

Mollie is our German Shorthair Pointer who we acquired a good twelve or so years ago. She was not a pup but a gun-shy young lady who'd been overlooked in her litter. Although she's never hunted, she's quite the bird dog & a threat to our chickens. When they come into Mollie's large yard, she will "worry" them until I come along to rescue them or it dawns on them to fly over the fence. I've even seen her crouch and crawl up behind the pine trees in her yard to sneak up on a bird. Luckily, Mollie has a soft mouth so usually the result is a few ruffled feathers and lots of squawking.

Little girl is at least thirteen years old and is a Manx cat that resembles a Siamese in the face. She comes in the house each evening and heads right for the back bathroom where she can eat with the door shut and no competition. Although she loves to be in the house, she is seizure-prone and has rolled down the stairs before so can only be inside under supervision. She has several cozy places where she loves to nap outside. We go looking for her when she isn't at the door for dinner but she's a headstrong old lady who is usually right on schedule.

Little Girl was napping on the couch when I let Mollie in to visit. Mollie wanted on that couch so badly but could not figure out what to do about the cat. She finally crept up onto the couch and curled tightly into one corner. Little Girl instinctively snuggled up against her and they both napped the afternoon away.

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