Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Babies

Things have been pleasantly busy here. One of the things that has taken a bit of time is the search for a new Anatolian Shepherd pup. We lost Lila, our oldest dog, in the summer. We have Rudy, a way-too-old & very deaf Great Pyrennes, but he is simply a sweet old man who is in retirement. Our remaining working dogs are two great Anatolians, Amy & Regina. Amy is the dog that we would like to break in a new pup so we figured we'd better get that process going as Amy is now 9 years old.

We began a web search for pups and after many e-mails & phone calls came up with a gentleman in Iowa who had two pups left from a litter of 13. These are working dogs who have been raised with livestock & poultry - definitely a plus. After some discussion, we've decided to take both sisters.

Although we'd contemplated the 14 hours drive each way to retrieve them ourselves, we concluded that shipping might make more sense. The gals should arrive at the airport Saturday afternoon!

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