Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Odds & Ends Again

This little goat decided to explore a bucket in the barn. She just had to stand up on the welder to get a good view.

Our most handsome Shetland ram managed to get himself caught in some fencing. Fortunately, the line of fencing that is hot runs about eight inches above where he was stuck. It took a little time but I managed to unwind him. It would have been easier had he tried to cooperate rather than to push against every move I made. Notice how dignified he looks while standing there like a fool.

Some things just catch my eye. This is an ant hill built around a thistle. We do not use herbicides on thistles, just take them out with a shovel. I've obviously not been as busy with the shovel as I could have been. Not only did this thistle grow to a nice ten or so inches high but ants managed to build their home around it. All in all, a bad place to step.

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