Friday, June 11, 2010

Where does a week go....

I realized it has been over a week since I've posted. Time has flown with mundane chores, a few simple errands and preparing for another Saturday Market. So I will give you just a few updates.

Baloo is fitting in so nicely. He and Gwen have become best of friends. Baloo also kindly spent a fair bit of time digging a hole under the back door of the old barn so that he and Gwen could hide in the dirt in the back stall. For now they both wiggle in and out of that hole which should work out just fine until either grows a bit. Baloo did have his first vet visit. At six months old he weighs 60 pounds. He is healthy and now has the first of his shots. He will get his booster shots in 3 weeks and will also be neutered.

Ravi, our male Anatolian, has decided that Baloo is just the greatest thing. I let them play together in the barnyard once or twice a day and they just roll around like fools. Gwen and Allez also think he's a special little buddy. It is such a relief that, unless it is feeding time, everyone is getting along nicely.

I still have three lambs on bottles but we are down to three bottles a day and I am going to cut that back again in the coming week. Carl, Lil and April are all growing out nicely. They've also figured out where the bottles come from - Carl and April slipped through a gate that was not tightly chained last week. I heard a noise at the front door and discovered the two of them standing on the steps waiting for me.

April is going to make her last appearance at Saturday Market this week. She is now old enough to stay home but I had one customer specifically ask if she could be there this week as she would have a grandchild in town.

I really have to spend more time at the spinning wheel. I did spin a sample of a friend's fleece earlier in the week. I spun it "in the grease" which means I did not wash the wool first. It was a nice Shetland fleece (speaking proudly as the sheep came originally from our farm) and the beautiful colors that showed up after I washed the yarn were so nice. I need to just sit down in the coming week and start spinning some of this year's fleeces.

The chickens and ducks are laying nicely. Some of the garlic needs to be dug. I weed at the garden a little each day, especially as the geese love the tender young weeds that I pull out. We have a hay delivery coming today or tomorrow depending on what the weather does. So basically all is well here.

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