Monday, July 5, 2010

Baloo, our digger

I came around the back of the old barn instead of cutting through it to the chicken yard. I saw part of Baloo poked out of the hole he's dug himself so that he can enter the back stall. He loves to hunker down in the dirt as I'm sure it is a little cooler and also helps him hide from flies.

I opened the door to find that Baloo was not alone. Gwen was actually in the hold that Baloo had dug for himself in the stall. He apparently hadn't yet gotten up the nerve to try to muscle her out.

Gwen and Baloo are working out so nicely together. He was a very shy fellow when he first came but has just become so happy. He romps with Gwen through their pasture in the mornings when it is cool. The first few times I noticed them out the window, I ran out fearful that they were chasing sheep. When I called them they would come to a screeching stop and come up to the edge of the fence to see what I needed. About the third time I noticed the sheep scattering I hesitated and watched a bit longer. It seems the two dogs were so intent on rolling each other around the pasture that they really were not even aware of the sheep. The panicked running was simply the sheep's response to the dogs' foolishness. Now I just let them play.

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