Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bitsy & Betsy

We had not slept well last night, listening for Halloween intruders. It is a sad fact that we have to guard our horned animals this time of year. We'd already decided not to try to make it to church today, knowing we would be worn out. I made coffee, fiddled around and did my weekly check of the Asheville craigslist. I don't check it often as it is not our local area. An ad for a pair of Border Leicester X Cotswold sheep jumped out at me, especially as it seemed the sheep had to find a new home because the owners were not able to maintain their farm. I sent a quick inquiry. Several hours later we returned from Mars Hill with Bitsy & Betsy, 3 year old sisters. They are healthy but quite chubby. They'd been short on grass but on a heavy grain diet so had put on some weight. They've each got a pretty fleece and we'll adjust their diet to take off a little of that fat. They are tentatively friendly and I'm sure we'll get along just fine.

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