Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Bud is a five year old Tunis wether who pretty well believes he is in charge of the farm.
He wants to go into every pasture and even manages to sneak his way into the front yard regularly.  He usually just barges through when we open a gate.  He knows it will be especially easy if I am trying to get through the gate with a bucket or two of newly-gathered eggs.  I can't really push him back without risking the eggs.  He loves to spend time in either the barnyard or the backyard but lately he constantly bothers us to get into the backyard and this is why.  The peaches are just beginning to ripen. He checks daily for low hanging fruit.

He then begins to shake the branches to knock down what he can't reach.
And he finishes up with a little dancing routine where he balances gracefully on his hind legs while plucking just a few more.
I believe that if we want any peaches this season I'll have to either be more diligent at the gate or find a ladder to pick my own.

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