Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Not-so-little Surprise

A few weeks ago I gathered an unusual egg on my regular rounds.  It was in a nesting box with two other eggs.
It was quite a handful.
I weighed it.
It would not fit into an egg carton but since Saturday Market was the next day I thought it would be fun to take it along to put on my table. I carefully packed it up.  It was quite a conversation piece.  There was much speculation as to what might be inside.  I told my customers that I would check when I got home.  Many thought that it would at least be a double yolked egg.  Little did we know.
The shell was fairly substantial but I was careful when I broke it.  The large egg contained a normal yolk & white along with another intact egg.  I removed the whole egg, dried it off & weighed it.
The intact egg from the inside of the gigantic egg weighed 2.2 oz. so it would have been sorted out as an extra large egg.  And I did check this egg as well, finding that it contained a perfectly normal yolk & white.  It sure would have been funny if it had contained a small egg inside.


  1. Wow, that is amazing! I wonder how many times that has happened?

  2. We have had some large eggs here in the last 15 years & many with double yolks but this really is a first for us & I bring in about 150 eggs a day. What a funny one!