Sunday, April 4, 2010

Aggie's Little Fellow

Late Saturday afternoon I was standing at the kitchen sink washing eggs when I noticed that Aggie had something small standing next to her. Not only was it small, but it made quite a contrast against her black fleece. It was a little ram lamb who she managed to have and get almost cleaned up before we realized what was going on. She is a seasoned mother who always does a great job with her lambs.

This morning, Aggie's little boy was up and about and just as strong as could be. We'll let them out of the stable shortly so that he can play with the other lambs. It has gotten to where I could spend much too long watching the babies play. They even climb up onto the huge round bales, jumping from bale to bale and playing tag at the very edges. Luckily they roll well when they tumble.

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