Thursday, November 4, 2010

Food AND Shelter!

It is a chilly drizzly day. I discovered this little goat snuggled into the round bale so that she could eat while staying dry. She is not entirely dry but usually if a goat can get its head under shelter, it thinks it is covered. The goats do have plenty of shelter but I haven't bothered to drag hay to them as it is only supposed to rain off and on today. I imagine I feel sorry for them but not that sorry!


  1. I love goats and sheep and spinning and yarn. Would love to come visit! You have some awesome looking things. My friend and I have a store called "Our Hands Together" in the Irmo/Ballentine area. Would be interested in selling any of your wares? Give us a look on facebook or if you are in the area, stop by. 101-A Ballentine Park Road, Irmo (Just off of 6 and 76)

  2. Thanks so much. As it is now, I'm busy with the farm & have plenty of local opportunities to sell what I can produce. We are so blessed to do a fabulous farmers' market - they shut down Main St. every Saturday a.m. for 6 months of the year in Greenville!