Friday, December 10, 2010

Irksome Photo Session

This is why I don't do etsy - you have to photograph your work & I just have too much help here on the farm.  I just wanted a few quick pictures of the vases I'd felted last night but everyone had to see what I was doing.  Joey, the cat, kept casting shadows as he investigated.  A band of goats came around the corner when they heard the door open, convinced that I must be coming out with treats for them.  Vincent Van Goat, our LaMancha wether, felt obliged to "mark" me by rubbing his face all over my head as I squatted down to take a picture.  I don't believe I ever did get a decent picture but I certainly had a little quality time with the creatures.


  1. Your vases are lovely but that middle picture takes the cake- I want one so bad!! Too adorable!

  2. Pretty Girl has an awkward winter shearing - my sweet husband was almost done when the skies just opened up with a downpour. Since he uses electric shears,he quit. She has only the right side of her neck & face shorn so looks sort of silly but she is a sweetheart. She & her daughter are some of our best escape artists so there is almost no place on the farm where she cannot get to me. She even comes through the door if I don't shut it in a hurry.