Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is the first thing I saw as I walked out to feed the geese this morning.  Upon closer inspection, I realized this little Angora doe had merely been romping through the poke berries.  Her stain was much too purple to be blood.

On a lighter note, the goats were thrilled with a delicious treat from the Hyatt.  We have an arrangement with the downtown Hyatt so that they save their kitchen prep scraps for us.  They keep them refrigerated in large cans in the walk-in cooler until Al picks them up.  He runs by at least every other day on his way home from work for these goodies.  Most often they are things like carrot peelings, romaine leaves, corn husks and cobs as well as any fresh produce that doesn't quite meet their chefs' high standards.  Al keeps a running account of the weight of what he brings home and some months it is as high as a ton of goodies that go to our creatures rather than into a dumpster.

I opened the can Saturday morning to find the entire top stuffed full of fennel!  Although that is something that doesn't much appeal to the chickens, the goats were simply thrilled.  Vincent, who is the old goat who can jump every fence on the farm, was such a nuisance that I had to close the can tightly between carrying loads to the other goats.  I carried five big arm loads to the pasture and it seems I made everyone's day with this high-class treat.

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