Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Few Pictures

Gwen was meeting Fuzzy's little lamb, Odette, moments after she was born.  Gwen was more concerned about Fuzzy butting her than about being able to sniff at the new baby.  Fuzzy had already given a warning stomp with her front foot and was ready to protect that lamb.
Katy was home from college for the weekend.  One of the very first things she did was to love on her dog, Regina.  Regina is our oldest Anatolian.  She was born here about 8 years ago and is a good girl with lots of personality.  Although we all give her plenty of attention, I know she misses her Katy.
The babies were playing around on a compost pile.  Although it is not much of a mountain they seem to get a kick out of conquering it.
And this is one of the Shetland mamas.  It was not my intention to get a close up of her but she kept trying to get petted as I was taking a picture of her lamb.  She is a silly girl but quite a sweetheart.

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