Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Good Dogs Do

I came out yesterday afternoon and the first thing I saw was Ravi studying something while Gwen observed closely from her pasture.  It seems a new lamb was just getting to its feet.  The sheep are so accustomed to the dogs being around that this ewe was just going on about her normal business of birthing a lamb.  I turned over a bucket and spent quite some time watching.  Ravi took a few licks to help clean up the lamb.  He also waited patiently for the ewe to pass her placenta.
Another pregnant ewe stopped by for a quick look.  The dogs observed but did not bother with her as there was no threat.
And as it all turns out we have another beautiful ewe lamb with the softest, waviest coat I think we've ever had.  Another pretty addition to the fiber supply here!

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