Thursday, June 30, 2011

What's Been Up

It has been a pleasantly busy month.  The blogging has gotten lost somewhere in the shuffle.  Saturday Market has been amazing so that I am spending most every day making something new to restock the tent for the coming week.  I managed to get more dyeing done.
And if you have a sharp eye you will notice the bucket I am carrying yarn around in is a milk replacer bucket. We acquired a pair of Lincoln lambs a few weeks ago and they are tearing through the milk.  The Lincoln is a very large breed so even the babies eat like maniacs.  I thought we were done with babies for the season but managed to add these two fellows and their 5-bottle-a-day routine.

As long as I was out taking yarn pictures, I took a few of the oxen.  Just a simple note on the big boys: the hay they are standing in had been an intact and tightly wound round bale just two days prior.  They love to play with their food!


  1. Love the colors of your yarn. Whta types of things do you sell at the market?
    Babies = more wool!! :) I am amazed that you have to feed them 5 times a day!! Are the oxen friendly? Those horns look rather large...they look like they could hurt.

  2. The oxen are big baby dolls. They are most dangerous when I brush them as they lean on me while they wait their turn. As for lambs, we try to duplicate as closely as possible what mama would do. Lambs nurse all day in small spurts. We've met folks who give 2 big bottles a day but that often causes digestive upsets. I couldn't do that to a creature who has no control over the care it gets. I just devote myself to the little guys when needed ;-)
    And Market is a ball. I take handspun yarns, handpainted yarns, a few knitted items (less in summer than fall), felted cat toys & soaps, felted bowls, dyed wool & roving for crafters and our wonderful eggs. Market really is a ball and I am so grateful that it runs 6 months of the year but also love my 6 month reprieve.

  3. Too funny about the oxen! I guess that just shows me not to "judge a book by it's cover....."!
    Today I added a fur baby to my family. A giant angora doe. She is only 8 weeks old but is a BIG girl. So sweet!! We (the girls and I) are thrilled. My husband just smiles and shakes his head. But I am thrilled and she's gonna be spoiled rotten from the looks of things already!

  4. I am down to a single angora rabbit but he is a sweetheart. His favorite treat is the papaya tablets you get in the vitamin section of the drug store. Of all the things I carry with me, he can spot that little green bottle & gets so excited that he jumps up & down. Years ago I'd read it was good for their guts so have always just given two or three a day for a treat.

    And since you've been doing all your gorgeous batts, I'm sure you'll love incorporating her fiber into some of your creations! Enjoy!