Friday, July 1, 2011

A Little More Work

I love to dye sock yarn.  The dyeing is fun even if it can be a bit of a challenge. I do my dyeing in a stall in the stable.  Sheep, goats and an occasional cow accompany me as I walk back and forth from the house. A few who are in the know and realize there may be a handful of sweet feed in the stable try to slip through the big sliding door.  They do often get a treat as I fiddle around tending to the rapidly growing baby chicks and one poor sheep who is injured. It often takes me almost half an hour to get around to the dyeing that I came out to do.  I keep the stall door shut so that I don't have the animals in my space but I can hear them as I work.

Yesterday morning as I was dyeing it seems every chicken within earshot had something to say.  There was a little crowing but most of the noise was the nice clucking sounds that happy chickens make as they scratch around working for treats to eat.  I was dyeing early in the day so the birds were much more ambitious than later when it warmed up.  By noon the birds were mostly reclined in shady spots staring at me as if they just knew that I was the cause of their distress.  Seems we all gave up working by midday because of the heat.

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