Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where does the time go....

This is the latest little project to take time from all of the things I ought to be doing.  Saturday night Al did his last round through the pastures before bedtime.  He returned with a nasty wet blob in his hand.  It was a baby squirrel that Allez, the Anatolian Shepherd who guards one pasture and the woods, had been carrying gently around for a while.  She had not put a mark on it but had almost drowned it in slobber.  I put it on a heating pad for the night to see if it would survive.  It was up and hopping the next morning so I started it on Esbilac that I still had in the freezer from our years of wildlife rehab.  We knew there was no way we'd be able to reunite it with mother - we hadn't a clue where Allez had even found it.  Now he is a happy little man who is eating like a fiend.  I am hoping to transition him to solid food and eventually release him.  Of course, I won't release him anywhere near the house with the cats and dogs.  I am also not planning to return him to Allez's woods.


  1. aww! I love baby squirrels. We fostered a pair who were knocked out of their nest during a year of really rough hurricanes. I had so much fun, and so did my girls!

  2. They do have a ton of personality as compared to the deer & opossum we've rehabbed. The up side of opossum is the way they wrap their tail around your finger & dangle. They are cute but always seem to want to fulfill their life's mission which is to get squashed on a highway.