Monday, August 1, 2011

More Hay

On Wednesday we were driving over to Jeff & Kim's to pick up more cull squash and tomatoes.  We passed a fellow baling in a field so turned around to find out what he had planned for those bales.  We do have other hay sources but with the terribly dry weather we are apprehensive about how the rest of the summer will go and feel a need to start putting in hay for the winter now.  To make a long story short, the fellow was willing to sell us hay.  We arranged to get 400 bales over the weekend.  Al and I worked alone on Friday and Saturday, gather 100 bales each day.  On Sunday the farmer found us a hard-working young man who helped out so that we were able to get 200 bales in the afternoon.  We now have 300 bales packed into the old barn and another 100 tarped up and remaining on the trailer.  With our temperatures in the high 90's we just didn't have the gumption to unload the last load of hay.


  1. Are hay prices going up in your area? I know you must be worn out! That's a lot of work!!!

  2. We were able to get these for $2.50 a bale. They are only about 50 lb. bales but decent hay. And I think I spent today semi-comatose..... I have got a bunch of fiber stuff I have to work on tomorrow so am hoping to rally soon ;-)