Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise

I was making the rounds to gather eggs this morning. That consists of a huge meandering loop through the stable, through the old barn, through the tractor shed and in and around the buildings that actually have laying boxes in them.  Something caught my eye near the water faucet in the old barn.  I picked it up, walked outside and laid it on the ground with a freshly laid egg so that I had a nice measure of its size:
Isn't that a lovely little bit of shed snake skin?  I was pleased to know that there is still a black rat snake living in the old barn.  We rarely see them but are confident that they stay busy containing the rodent population.


  1. That's a big one! Morgan my dog loves chasing them around our back yard in the summer. They seem to love our Koi pond.

  2. Haha. When we lived in FL it was the raccoons that loved our little fish & lily pond ;-) The biggest we've ever seen was well over 5 feet. We lifted it up for a quick picture & put it back to work.

  3. We did have a possum out back a few weeks ago, by our dog scared it off.