Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gotta love those cull tomatoes!

Betsy, one of our two Sofa Sisters, got to the cull bucket before her sister, Bitsy, did.  We lovingly refer to these two gals as the Sofa Sisters because when we first got them from another farm they were grossly overweight.  It seems the poor woman who had them was having difficulty getting hay so was only feeding them grain.  They were so heavy that they panted when crossing the yard.  After almost a year with us on a more appropriate diet they have each lost a good 60 pounds and are much more spry.  They get lots of nice hay and their treats now are windfall pears and the best of the cull bucket of slightly bruised tomatoes.  It had to be some awesome heirloom tomatoes to end up with them above the eyebrows....  Betsy wears them well, don't you think?

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