Thursday, January 17, 2013

Passing Time

So far, we are having a rainy January.  That is a good thing as we certainly need the water.  It does change the way we do things here on the farm.  I was hoping to get a lot of dyeing done this week but that has not been the case.  I do my dyeing in the stable so I can do it in the rain but I hang my drippy rovings outside to dry and that is just not happening this week.

I had done a little dyeing on Monday and managed to get two batches of roving dry by hanging them in the bathroom.  This roving was my "everything but the kitchen sink" colorway.  I had dibs and dabs of perfectly good dyes in a few different jars so just poured those all over my wetted roving.
I wrapped it up tightly, steamed it for a while, rinsed it out and then let it spend three long days drying.  It was dry enough this morning to split the roving and begin spinning it.
I am spinning it slightly thick and thin.  So far I am happy with the way the color is coming together and I am always pleasantly surprised to see the whole thing plyed.  And I am absolutely loving spinning on my HansenCraft mini e-spinner.  I do thoroughly enjoy treadling my Majacraft Millie or any of the other wheels around here but this little guy has a fabulous WooleeWinder and a bobbin that holds lots and lots of fiber.
Once this is done I've got a pink and gold hank of roving that I also managed to dye on Monday.  Then, if the rain continues, I'll have to just dig into the stash and work on some nice natural colored wool.


  1. I am always surprised to see the results from spinning roving that has been hand dyed. I never would have thought that the last picture came from the roving you showed above. I guess it is time for me to get a little more adventurous in my spinning...I almost always use solid colours, or at least monochrome. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. So glad I can inspire rather than simply cause riotous laughter at my foolishness.

    2. I completely agree with this - it's fascinating. I would love to learn to spin.

  2. And when I was dyeing it was fairly overcast so I was just holding my dye jars up to the light at the stall window, giving them a little swirl & guessing what color it might be ;-) It really is fun to dye serendipitously! Give it a try, Natalie!