Wednesday, January 2, 2013


We have had a day & a half of rain which was quite welcomed as we are currently in a drought.  All of the animals have shelter but some prefer not to use it.  Goats stay under cover until the rain ends & then spend a good bit of time tiptoeing around so as to avoid puddles.  It is funny to watch them jump from high spot to high spot.  They will even hesitate to follow me with a grain bucket if I am slogging through a puddle.
The sheep couldn't care less.  Betsy much prefers to use this shed as a scratching post.
Tootsie Pie, our all purpose house & farm dog, was hunting for small rodents as usual.
While Mollie, our sixteen year old bird dog, was barely managing to readjust herself to continue her nap.
The ducks were so busy exploring new puddles that I couldn't get a good picture.  They were all bathing, dabbling & generally having a big time while the chickens simply tried to get a drink.  This was the calmest duck I could find.
While Gwen, one of the Anatolian Shepherds, was keeping watch over her pasture from the tractor shed.  The Shetland in the background was passing time leaning up against Al's shearing board which won't get much action now until spring time.
And this little Shetland is doing her usual "own thing".  She grazes at the far end of a pasture, ignoring the fact that all the other sheep had already run up the hill on the chance that I was bringing them a treat.
And here's to a quiet new year - at least so far, so good!


  1. I love your posts! I had to laugh about the lone sheep. We have a goat who is just like that and does her own thing. I think I am in love with Mollie. She looks like a sweet soul. Do you have a lake for the ducks? My daughters keep bugging me for some and I told them they needed a as if I have a clue!
    Happy New Year to you and all of your critters!!

  2. We have a small pond that the ducks enjoy as well as a running creek through the back of the property that they avoid. They also have a field day whenever puddles are forming anywhere.

    We adopted Mollie when we were in Florida. She was an older pup who had been passed over at a breeder's place. We love her. She is failing fast but we do all we can to keep her comfortable & she always seems so happy.

    And Happy New Year to you & your critters as well!

  3. I have been reading your blog on and off since I met you at a craft fait in Greenville while visiting my son.
    I bought one of your scarves and gave it to my sister for Christmas:)
    I am from wine country in New York state. it is scenic with rolling hills and we live right on a large lake so I have learned all the types of ducks there are. We marvel as the seasons change so do the variety of ducks. In the fall they climb up on shore to eat from our crab apple tree. How they love crab apples!!!

  4. I am originally from Ohio so know about many beautiful parts of New York state! Ducks sure can be amusing & they are great little grazers - glad they enjoy your crab apples!

    And I hope your sister was pleased with her scarf ;-)