Friday, February 1, 2013

A Rooster's Flock

Our chickens are completely free range so take up residency all around the farm.  There are many hens and a handful of roosters who like to hang around the buildings where we have nest boxes.  There is a rooster with a handful of hens who lives up in the oxen pasture.  There is another little rooster with his harem at the side pasture with the donkeys.  And there are a few little communities down in the woods and next door at our neighbor's back field.  Fortunately, the neighbor doesn't mind.

We have sheep in five different pastures.  We sort them into pastures for various reasons including personalities and breeding plans.  I have noticed one of our roosters spending a lot of time with half a dozen sheep down near the woods.  This morning while I was out gathering a few eggs I managed to get a few pictures of him overseeing "his flock".  He walked along with them, stopping regularly to puff up and crow.  They seemed to be very aware of his presence.  And he sure acts like he is proud of all of his pretty sheep.


  1. too funny! he must feel very important protecting the sheep!

    1. He must have crowed half a dozen times as I was looking at his sheep just to let me know he was in charge. He is so funny.