Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Lamb

No, we haven't started lambing here yet.  We did go up the road to North Carolina and acquire a yearling ewe with her ram lamb.  The lamb was born on Christmas Eve so we named him Nicholas.  And his mother came with a name that was too similar to one that belongs to a sheep we already have so we changed her name to Noel.  The pair is warming up to us.  They have certainly figured out that we are the ones who bring the edible goodies so, even though they are not overly friendly yet, they do bawl and run up to us when we enter the barnyard.  That is progress.
I spent a little time on Monday when the day was sunny taking pictures around the farm.  Nacho, our yearling Cotswold ram, felt obliged to help.  He especially loved it when I squatted down to try to focus.
Al had replaced an end post to one of the fences.  Working outside is always a bit of a challenge as the goats feel like they should help or at least supervise the process.  This little gal was a lot of help.
I got a few pictures of the Shetlands enjoying the warmer day.  
And here is one of our oldest gals. She is so sweet.
As I meandered about the pasture talking with the sheep, Gwen, one of our Anatolian Shepherds, watched quietly.  She often runs up and down the fence line keeping watch but was content to let me be in charge for a bit.

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