Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another day on the farm

I love a quiet morning walk.  Of course, with all of our livestock it isn't always quiet by many standards but I don't count animal noise as something that bothers me.  Gwen, one of our Anatolian Shepherds, loves to trot along beside me when I walk her pasture.  She is not much for posing for pictures but I managed to get a pretty one before she realized what I was doing.  The next one I shot shows her turning her shoulder to me & walking off.
I always look for problems as I walk.  I did notice this & fixed it right up.  It wasn't bothering the ram but I still felt obliged to take care of it.
Of course, since all of our chickens are free range, they are most everywhere I wander.  We not only have the 300+ mature chickens out & about but we have been moving the young pullets out to join them.  I thought I'd show the new gals what I expect them to aspire to over the next few months.
See that turken in the center of the picture?  I love those silly looking birds!  I especially love to pick them up & just marvel at the cute little naked necks.  My husband is not as keen on them as they look like some sort of genetic mishap but I love variety so admire them & love seeing among all the other chickens we have.
I just love some quiet contemplative time out back with all of our creatures.  And so does this Shetland ram watching over all the pretty ewes in his pasture.  I do believe he is quite handsome.

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