Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Walk

I just wanted to take a little jaunt around the farm this morning while it was still misty.  I took the camera with me but didn't think I would get many decent pictures.  Of course, the cows insisted on helping. Not only did they hog the picture but they love to come up behind me & jostle my arms as I try to focus.
And, speaking of cows, I attribute this to them.  I discovered a spider web quite high up that was holding a tuft of grass, roots & all.  I can only assume that a cow was eating, flung its head back to shake off a few flies & managed to pitch this morsel high enough to land in the spider web.  At least that is my guess.  The pine needles make a lot more sense as they fall from above.
I always explain to our egg customers that our birds are free range. And by free range, I mean that they go wherever they want on the farm.  The fencing is there to keep the other livestock safe.  The chickens ignore it & roam.  This hen has managed to raise her three chicks to be more & more independent every day.
 This little gal decided to pop on through the fence & visit a few sheep on the other side.

 After a few minutes mama called her back & they went on about their exploring as a little family.

As I finished my walk, I noticed that a few of the goats at the top of the hill were just appreciating the warmth from the morning sun.

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