Sunday, July 24, 2011


Our dear friends, Jeff & Kim, always send cull tomatoes home with me after we've done the Saturday Market together.  This week after we'd filled the two cull buckets that I bring with me each week we dumped extra tomatoes into my empty egg cooler.  I let the creatures find the goodies on their own.  Carrie, one of the Dexter cows, pushed her way in first and eventually managed to flip the lid.  Once she'd finished up a few of the goats and sheep stepped in for leftovers.  The cooler will get a very thorough scrubbing inside and out before we use it again!


  1. Looks like they were enjoying the treat. What type of goats are in the picture?

  2. The horned goat is an Angora Nubian cross. The red faced sheep is Bud,a Tunis & the heftier fellow is Oliver, our lovely Coopworth ram. Jeff had taken about 3,500 lbs. of tomatoes to market & we ended up with about 200 lbs. of culls. I'd already fed most out but decided to save the cooler until I had a camera with me.