Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back at It

After a little recovery time it seemed urgent to get back to the dyeing. I sold so very much at the Indie Craft Parade that I would be ashamed to show up to Saturday Market this week with such a low inventory.  I did manage to dye seven new skeins of yarn.  I'll pull the spinning wheel out any minute now and spend the rest of my evening between skeining out new yarns to dye tomorrow and working on a curly handspun from Betsy, one of the Border Leicester gals.


  1. I very happy that you had great sales!! I don't think I will EVER get ahead.... :)

  2. I doubt I'm shooting for "getting ahead" at this point as much as keeping my head above water. But it is always good to be busy ;-) I did break down & send a few fleeces to Fingerlakes to be processed into roving. Of all things, that came back on Saturday so now I've got 10 lbs. of Clun Forest staring at me. So tempting.