Friday, September 2, 2011


This morning Betsy, whose fleece I was trying to sort out, decided to check out her previous year's work.  And I had to laugh as I looked at the picture I managed to take.  The bucket I am gathering wool in is from the season's kid milk replacer (Little Ralphie sure went through a lot of the stuff) and the paper sack that I'd stored the fleece in is from chicken feed.  An awful lot of our "feed" comes from wonderful culls at the tomato farm and also from the prep kitchen at the Hyatt.  We sure try to make the most of everything around here.  No wonder we rarely manage to fill the trash can for the weekly garbage pick up.

But back to wool.  I'm washing up small batches and have been quite content with the lovely white silky curls.  I'll do a final good wash after I've spun the yarn but as for now I want to just tease the locks apart for a wild yarn.


  1. Thanks much! I love all of my sheep but these gals are sort of rehabs from another farm & have a special place in my heart ;-)

  2. Looks like a cloud! I bet it will make beautiful yarn!

  3. Thanks, Kelly. And it looks like you are staying nice & busy now that school is back in session.