Monday, November 21, 2011

Almost Ready

I determined last week to do my Thanksgiving shopping before things got crazy.  I stopped at the store Thursday after I'd finished my artist-in-residence tasks for the day.  I'd been in a lovely local school for the week teaching weaving to 5th graders.  We had a ball!  During my lunch hour I composed my Thanksgiving shopping list and then hit the store on the way home.  I do keep plenty of groceries in the freezer and pantry so did not have to pick up great volumes of food. The store was already packed and I was tired when I got home. It was so nice to have help unloading:
Little Eve just cannot keep her nose out of anything.  I actually unload groceries in a special order to be sure anything that is potential donkey treats go out first.  I believe by the time she realized I was unloading the car all that was left was the 24 pound turkey and a few canned goods. Now that Eve is getting older she naps more in the afternoon which is probably why I was able to get all but the last few things out before she decided to get involved.

And this morning a friend dropped by with a pleasant treat:
Jeff grows amazing produce.  He knows I don't really keep a garden because my "free range" eggs are produced by chickens that are truly free ranging - no garden is safe from the 300 hens out foraging for goodies.  So Jeff left with several dozen eggs and we have more delicious additions to our big meal!


  1. yum!! Love those fancy colored carrots!

  2. The carrots are like candy! I doubt they'll even make it to the table as I grab one every time I pass the basket, eat it on the way out the door & give the top to Bart, our crippled sheep in the front yard.