Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall Abundance

This time of year is so much fun for the livestock.  They get extra goodies from others' fall harvest.  That includes left over pumpkins from our friends, Jeff and Kim.
I drop a pumpkin on the concrete drive so that it splits into a few tasty pieces and then distribute them to the oxen, donkeys, sheep and goats.  Bart, the crippled sheep who lives in the front yard, loves to nibble at the unbroken ones.
The autumn activities are over at the Hardy Berry farm so we are slowly taking apart the corn maze.  We cut stalks, load them on the trailer and bring them home to feed out to the livestock.  Just for fun I piled some against the fence surrounding the donkey pasture so that Zeke and Esther could help themselves.  Eve, our little Ossabaw Island donkey who lives in the front yard with Bart already has all she can eat but still felt obliged to compete with the big donkeys.
After the initial enthusiasm of having "all you can eat" wore off, we found that the donkeys were sorting through the corn leaves to tear off just the tasty ears of corn.  All in all everyone is happy and there is still plenty more corn to be had.  So much so that I broke down and ordered a corn knife for Al to attach to his shoe.  That should make the harvest a little easier than cutting each stalk with the blade of a shovel.

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