Friday, November 25, 2011


We began taking down the corn maze at our sweet daughter-in-law's family berry farm a few weeks ago.  Al was cutting corn stalks with a shovel and I was following behind stacking them and hauling them to the trailer.  To make a long story short, I vaguely remembered my father using a boot-mounted corn blade with some Amish buddies in Holmes County, Ohio.  I googled it & the one only option I found was at Lehman's in Kidron.  Lehman's used to be the really good hardware store we went to when I was a child.  Now it is still a good hardware but they have really expanded the whole Amish-tourism thing.  Fine with me, they still have items I need.  I ordered Al a corn blade which has really sped up the process.  Now Al is working hands free (!) so that he can hold the corn stalks as he kicks them down.  So while Al is gathering the stalks I have been walking through the corn field with a few large buckets so that I can gather ear corn.  It has been a pleasantly warm and sunny day so taking in corn for the livestock has been a great way to work off Thanksgiving dinner.

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