Thursday, July 26, 2012


Not quite two years ago we acquired Betsy and Bitsy, ewe sisters from up in North Carolina.  I found them on craigslist, the woman was seemingly losing her farm and the fact that they were Border Leicester/Cotswold crosses seemed intriguing as I just knew they'd have pretty fleece.  They were grossly overweight from being fed mostly grain.   We brought them home, put them on nice pasture on a hillside for lots of exercise and cut out their grain.  They have thrived  They really are dolls and I adore their lovely curly fleece.  I'd dyed a bucket load of it in the winter but had gotten busy and set it aside.  I fluffed some up yesterday.
I put the fuzzy heap in my lap, pulled up my wheel and began to spin.  I plyed the yarn, popped it in a bucket of hot water and then flipped it out on the clothesline.  I am quite happy with the final 29 yards of curly shiny yarn.  I really need to get back to picking and dyeing the rest of their fleece.  And we'll see how long this skein lasts on the market rack.


  1. Your spinning is lovely! How wonderful that you have your own sheep.

    Take care


    1. Thanks, Linda. We love the sheep & the spinning helps support them. I am just lucky that my sweet husband is my shearer ;-)