Monday, August 6, 2012

Well, There You Go.....

This is not where Ravi, our male Anatolian Shepherd, belongs.  He likes to take his supper in the old barn where no one can bother him and I usually leave him a bit to enjoy the peace and quiet.  He scaled the newly-loaded-in hay bales and managed to make it to the loft.  I rounded the corner from gathering eggs to be greeted with this picture.

I went inside and tried to coax him down the very narrow stairs that run up to the loft but he would have none of that.  I didn't think it would be wise to try to drag him down as he is one big fellow and I don't have time to recuperate from tumbling backwards down a set of stairs.  I went on with my chores.  A half of an hour later he was down at the main door waiting to be let out to resume his duties.  Although he ate in the old barn again yesterday I don't believe he went up to the loft again.  And if he did, he managed to find his way back down without my knowing about it and worrying.  That would, however, be a wonderful perch for him to survey part of his kingdom from.....


  1. Ravi is so beautiful, I think you are right, he is surveying his territory.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Thanks, Linda. We feel God has blessed us with him as he walked right into our lives ready to work & quite the gentleman.