Thursday, August 23, 2012


We ran by the farm of our sweet friends, Jeff & Kim, yesterday.  Jeff had a few bushel baskets of cull watermelons for us.  When we got back to the house I shared many of them with the oxen and donkeys but left two bushels next to my car.  This morning I discovered that Buddy & Bart, the two sheep who are currently in the front yard, had spent a little time working at the melons.  This is Buddy doing a bit more sampling.
I decided that rather than let the two sheep eat a bushel of melons a piece I'd share some with the Dexter cattle.  I flipped a few over the fence and walked to the stable to fish some newly dyed wool out of a pot.  When I returned I discovered that Ravi, one of our Anatolian Shepherds, had been disturbed by the melon and felt he had to protect his livestock from it.  He buried it.
I have no idea exactly what he was thinking but he looks very content with his work.  Perhaps he feared the "bloody" look of the inside of the melon would draw predators. Or perhaps I'm giving him too much credit for his reasoning skills and he was just being a stinker so that the cattle couldn't enjoy all of their treat.  Either way, he had carefully raked pine needles up and covered the melon pieces.  I sure wish I would have seen him doing it.  He's one interesting fellow!


  1. :) smart dog! You are surrounded by some fun animals!

  2. A laugh a minute! I had another episode yesterday. A sketchy looking fellow's car broke down near the front gate. I had one dog in that yard but two others managed to climb their pasture fences to join him. They are not supposed to be coming out of their pastures but I considered this an exception to that rule. ;0