Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Esther was ignoring me as I tried to take pictures of the little pumpkin patch growing in the donkey pasture.  Zeke, in the background, was also pretending not to know that I know they have been eating blossoms off of the plants.
This is one of two volunteer pumpkin patches that sprung up on manure piles.  Usually the donkeys don't bother the pumpkins until they are fully ripe and in the past they have ignored the entire plants. This year, however, they've finally realized how tasty those pretty flowers can be.  They nibble them right off at the top of the stem.
They have missed a few.  This one might yet get a chance to fruit.  It makes no difference to me except for amusement - should the pumpkins mature I would let the donkeys eat them anyway or carry them over to the oxen yard.  It is just another fun thing to observe on my morning rounds.
And next time I'm out I'll flick the sleepy sand out of the corner of Esther's eyes.  Both donkeys stand quietly at the gate as I clean at their eyes each morning.  They love the attention, usually pushing each other around to see who can get their turn first.

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