Friday, April 24, 2009

Counting Eggs

I've decided I'd better figure out how many eggs the birds are actually producing now that it is almost Market season. Laying is reduced through the winter as the daylight hours are shorter & we don't force it with artificial lighting. We figure the birds have worked hard & are entitled to a break. Of course, we also believe that they have earned retirement too - when a bird quits laying she continues to live out her days here until she just happens to wake up dead one day.

We've gone through our season of pullet eggs - the little ones the young birds lay as they just begin to produce eggs. So now we're pretty much in a "normal" phase. I washed, sorted & counted all my eggs yesterday so that I'd know how many I can send to the Hyatt & sell to local customers & about how many I'd have left for Saturday Market. The birds are producing nicely so I'm excited to take their lovely eggs to Main Street!

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