Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Still busy...

This really has been a busy several days. We've had two new lambs, are getting dozens & dozens of eggs that need washed & sorted and have also tried to do some general clean up around the farm. So I will simply share a few pictures with brief stories.
This is a very early morning picture of the chickens turning a compost pile for me. We keep several piles on the property & I've been using them to fill the raised beds. The birds do a lovely job of keeping them worked up - must be all the bug snacks that motivate them.

This silly duck had been outside the chicken yard for a few days. Even though there are plenty of openings in the fence where birds come & go all day long, this silly fellow just didn't know what to do. I finally caught it & carried it in. On the way, I decided to do one of those "hold your phone in front of your face & take a picture" thing like teens do...

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