Saturday, April 11, 2009

Productive Day

This is our first "commercial" nest box. We've build a fair number of our own & even transformed a friend's old kitchen cabinets into nests. A chicken that will lay an egg in an overturned bucket isn't too particular so we love to recycle things. We got 4 of these in Georgia today for only $25 each which is a steal - we could not even get them shipped to us for $25 worth of freight let alone afford the $150 plus price tag for a new one. They came out of a layer house that had gone automated. Apparently the price of salvage metal has dropped to the point where they could make more selling them than destroying them so we got a wonderful benefit. Also got to see lots of off-the-interstate Georgia! Within minutes of the first two boxes being hung, we had hens interested in them. Within the hour we gathered our first egg from the new digs.

The Hyatt continues to bless us with their wonderful kitchen prep scraps. The pigs were just loving their romaine, chard, tomato ends, melon rinds & pepper cores. Each pig has its own bowl as it cuts down on all the arguing we have to listen to as they shove & squeal. I still haven't figured out how they can make so much noise with their mouths full.

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