Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pigs on a Jaunt

Although it may look as though these pigs are contained, this is actually where they ended up before we gently coaxed them back into their own pasture. Someone figured out that the hole they rooted near the fence of their pasture was big enough that they could squeeze out. They went off on a toot through the compost pile, under the azalea bushes, in three different directions around the side yard & made a few other stops before we were able to contain them. This is a roll of fencing that they decided to root up under so we used it to guide them home. I took only this picture as I was a bit occupied helping Al chase these critters down. I won't spoil the rest of the story as I will write it up for one of my Saturday Market farm stories that I hand out each week.

Hard to believe Market starts in just over a week! I'm getting ready with more yarns & am toying with some other felting. The birds are all laying well so eggs should be in good supply. It will be so much fun to be back on Main Street with all our friends again!

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