Sunday, May 3, 2009

After Market

Although we try to keep most of the livestock contained in the side and back of the house, a privileged few think it is fine to be anywhere they want. They are the ones who quickly greet me on Saturday when I return from Market. Although the only "edible" that I take is eggs, I usually come home with some nice culls from Jeff at Iszy's Heirlooms. And this week Mr. Baylor, who also sells produce at the Market, saw Jeff leave a bushel of greens by my car & asked if I had any use for the corn husks he had. I was delighted as they are a favorite among the sheep.

I was greeted in the driveway by Bart, the crippled sheep. Eve, our mini donkey & Lila, one of the Anatolian Shepherds, soon joined him to check out the treasures.

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