Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday's Surprise

This little fellow showed up Tuesday before dinner time. We'd gone to town to run some errands, helped friends set up for a market and returned just before dark in time to make the final round to gather eggs. When I walked into the barnyard I heard a baby's voice. One of our angora/nubian cross does was just trying to clean up this little fellow. I left her alone for a while but the chickens were watching the process a little to closely - they have a bad tendency to peck at the little dangling umbilical cord - so after a few more minutes of bonding time, we moved mother & son into the stable. By bedtime he had nursed a few times & all seemed well. His mother was quite protective of him this morning but he looks like he will be fine. He is absolutely the spitting image of Kermit, his father!

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