Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting Along

It is obvious from this picture that Amy, the older, stockier dog in the picture, has decided that the newer dogs can visit in her pasture. We've had Amy ever since she was a pup. She is very happy in her pasture and anxious to return to it should she come through a gate while we are moving hay. The pups have been able to come and go as they please because they can squeeze through the gate. Ever since we introduced them to Amy, she has been very tolerant of them and they adore her. I think part of the reason they adore her so is that she gets scrambled eggs added to many of her meals so that her face tastes good when the puppies lick at her.

Ravi, the other large dog in this picture, only has occasional visitation. He is most often in the barnyard and the backyard. When we first got him in December, he was fine with all of the animals except the cows. He would lurch after them and chase them. For the longest time we had a cow and calf in Amy's pasture. Now that Alice and her calf have been moved to join Carrie and the new calf, Ravi can visit without causing too many problems. Because Ravi is only about 18 months old and is foolish and energetic, Amy tires of him and gets snappy with him. He only visits her a few times a week and that is with our supervision. Once Amy is tired of him, we pull him out of her pasture.

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