Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Peek at the Sun

Zeb and Gates, our team of oxen, had a little bit of pleasant weather on Sunday afternoon. Just for fun I dug a few parsnips out of the garden and flipped them over the fence to the fellows. And, since today is Tuesday and today the trash men came, the oxen probably got another extra treat. We noticed several years ago that the oxen run toward the front of their pasture by the highway when the garbage truck stops in front of our house. They would come flying, even if they were at the very bottom of their pasture. It wasn't until one day when I happened to be outside and talked with our trash men that I found out why Zeb and Gates were so enthusiastic. It seems the trash men would bring each ox an apple. Although the garbage truck could not block the highway for long, it was just long enough for one of the fellows to walk over, pass the apples to the oxen and speak a kind word. The oxen were hooked and are huge fans of the garbage truck. One day, however, a garbage truck that was not stopping at our house slowed to make the turn across the street. Zeb and Gates raced to the front of the pasture only to stand in utter disappointment as that trash man didn't even wave "hello".

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