Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Nathan is the little black goat in the background. He is Kermit's son & he was born last spring as one of our few kids who wasn't white. We were tickled to see that as fall came around he started to develop the same white "overcoat" that his daddy does each year. He has stayed very small and his mother is a petite Angora-cross goat. At first he was not very friendly but in these last few months he has figured out that if he sneaks under the big goats and stands next to me I will slip him a little treat from my pocket.

Of course, this picture also shows how the puppies are growing. They love to be in Amy's pasture. And, although I've seen them chase one chicken this week, they are behaving a bit better. The pups love it when Madison, the old beagle, slips into their pasture and leads them on an adventure down the hill. They go from tree to tree sniffing at things and also like to dig around a bit in a manure pile or two. The pups don't seem to wander off on their own but they are easily led. They still stay within the confines of the fencing so we don't mind them exploring. One day they will be responsible for patrolling all the pastures they are now learning to explore.

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