Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Neglecting the blog

I am back in a school again this week as their artist. I had all of last week off but time just flew. It is a very long story & probably one that I will write up to hand out at the Market once we start again in May, but I spent much of last week nursing Naomi. She is one of our original three Shetland sheep. When I returned from my school on Friday, the 12th, I glanced to the very bottom of the pasture and thought I saw a dead sheep. It was just beginning to snow so I put up the bucket of eggs I was carrying and headed to the bottom of the pasture to figure out who had died and perhaps why. We don't have a lot of deaths and everyone had looked fine in the morning so my heart really was heavy as I trudged down the hill. A stiff brown sheep who had managed to cover herself in mud and sycamore burrs was on her side. I leaned down to turn her to see if I could tell what had happened when she slowly opened an eye and sighed at me. It is much too long a story to go into but I managed to carry and drag her up to the barn where we spent a week nursing her. Visiting her four or five times a day to try to feed and water her took much of my time last week. Naomi survived, stunning all of us. She is back in the pasture this morning and I hope to get back to the blog after I leave my school today.

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